As per latest notification, the Consortium of NLUs will conduct CLAT 2024 Exam on 3rd December 2024.

CLAT is the most difficult entrance examination for Law Aspirants. Approximately 90,000 students appeared for CLAT 2023, a number that keeps on increasing every year. The level of difficulty in the entrance is high, experts advise that with a proper study plan and ample amount of time Aspirants will be able to encounter any sort of difficulties.

One year is an ample amount of time for preparation. So, it is difficult to for the Law Aspirants, who wants to seat for CLAT-UG 2024, which will be held on 3rd December 2023.

CLATATHON (CLAT Coaching by NLU grads) has provided Law Aspirants, who want to beat the CLAT with 6 months of preparation strategy for CLAT 2024 in the article below. It is advisable for the aspirants to incorporate the tips given below in their preparation strategy for effective result.

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Knowing about the CLAT - The primary step is to know about the Eligibility, CLAT Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme in detail. Incorporating this step in the preparation strategy will help the Aspirants to get an idea about the structure of the examination. Only then can they prepare an effective strategy for CLAT 2024.

Realizing the amount of time left - Aspirants are required to realize the amount of time left for preparation. It is advisable for the Aspirants to prepare a timetable for CLAT 2024.

Deciding the approach - Aspirants are advised to decide the approach they want to adapt. This is a very important element. It is to be noted that Aspirants will have to figure out how much effort must be put in by them in each subject to do well in the examination.

Section-wise Analysis - Aspirants, who want to beat the CLAT 2024 entrance should do a section-wise analysis before they start preparing for the entrance examination. This means the topics present in the various sections of the syllabus.

Set Short-time Goals- Aspirants wanting to prepare for CLAT-UG 2024 entrance required to set short time goals. It is very important for the Aspirants to achieve short goals and focus on the next. In this manner they will be able to complete the syllabus of the CLAT 2024 on time.

Joining online Coaching Institutes - Aspirants are also advised to join online coaching centres. To save time, money and energy, also keeping in mind their board exam online is the best option now a days.

CLATATHON provides various online coaching programmes which includes ONLINE CLASSROOM PROGRAMMES, SELF LEARNING PROGRAMME to help the aspirants thoroughly prepare for CLAT UG exam. CLATATHON’s online programme give you 100% learning 0-time waste without stepping from your home. We have some of the best mentors, who will guide you throughout your CLAT Preparation. Our TEST SERIES will help the aspirants to grow self-confidence and identify the areas where they lack behind.

Revising in Regular Intervals - Many a time aspirants lose grip on the syllabus which they have already studies. To avoid such circumstances aspirants are required to invest their time in regular intervals.

Going through the Previous Years Question Papers - This can be one of the last steps of the preparation procedure. Once the Aspirants are done with covering all the topics in the syllabus of CLAT-UG 2024, they should go through the previous year’s question papers of the entrance. This will help them to understand the types of questions asked in the exam. It is also considered to be one of the most effective ways of revising the pre learnt topics.

Extra Sheets/ Papers for Rough Work in CLAT

The question booklet that will be provided to Aspirants in the examination hall will have 2 blank pages at the end. The Aspirants can use these two blank pages for rough work. No extra sheet is provided for rough work. The Aspirants need to make sure that he/ she must make wise use of rough worksheet. It is advisable to do the rough work with a pencil so that you can use the sheet multiple times.

How to Prepare for Offline CLAT Exam?

The Aspirants can visit the CLATATHON'S Answer Key section and can download the previous year CLAT Question Paper and the answer key for the same. The CLAT answer key for UG programmes are given in the respective section and the Aspirants can download the CLAT Question Paper and try to answer the questions. After attempting the question paper, download the answer key and compare the answers attempted by you and answers in the answer key.

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